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Some manufactured homes facts

Fact number one, manufactured homes have to meet strict federal guidelines in critical areas such as, structural integrity, fire resistance, height and width, wind resistance, energy efficiency, and transportability.

Fact number two, is did you know the term mobile home was coined before the introduction of the HUD code in 1976. At that time the mobile homes would move from site to site and now days that practice is almost gone as many get placed on a permeant home site.

Fact number three, manufactured homes are just as durable as site build homes, they are constructed with steel frame which provides exceptional structural durability that helps keep the home sound during transportation and putting it on the site where it will be. According to one study they are actually superior to site build homes in terms of fire safety, 44% fewer fire reports in manufactured homes.

Fact number four, there are 17.5 million Americans living in a manufactured home that is over 6% of nation's total housing stock.

This all the facts today on manufactured homes as you can see the terms for mobile homes have changed since they were first made back in the 1960's

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